Two exciting happenings last week at Fado Irish Pub. The new summer beer-based cocktail menu was released AND we witnessed the return of the Pickleback. Phickles Pickles (Athens, Georgia) and 365 Atlanta joined forces to host a Pickleback Tweet-up at Fado. Forty or so adventurous souls – Nicky and I among them – gathered for some tweeting, tasting and a group Pickleback shot.

Phickle brine and Jamesons

Not quite sure what a Pickleback is? It starts with two shot glasses – one filled with Jameson Whiskey and the other with a nice, rich, briney pickle juice. Intrigued? First you shoot the Jameson than follow it up with the pickle brine, which cuts the burn of the whiskey.

pickled green tomatoes

And this was no ordinary pickle brine. It was PHickle brine! Angie and Phin Tillman run Phickles Pickles out of their phickle parlor in Athens. The creations from Phickles are magnificent! Pickled carrots, okra, asparagus, snap beans, jalapenos, green tomatoes, peaches, sweet peppers and the occasional cucumber. Check them out online and place an order.

Guests for the evening enjoyed sampling different Phickles products and some tantalizing appetizers from the Fado summer menu – grilled flatbread, Guinness BBQ pork sliders and white bean sliders.

Sweet Hoe, Manhattan, Guinness

And we have to mention the great new summer drink menu. Traditional beer-based cocktails, some new creations, and a couple of fun Guinness mixers. These Guiness mixers include the following combinations with Guinness:

Half and Half (Harp)
Black and Gold (Stella Artois)
Blacksmith (Smithwicks Irish Ale)
Black Castle (Newcastle)
Dirty Hoe (Hoegaarden witbier)
Black Velvet (Strongbow Cider)

The “Beer Cocktails” include two traditional Irish drinks and a new Fado creation:

Harp Shandy – a pint of Harp with a splash of Sprite
Snakebite – Harp and Strongbow Cider
Sweet Hoe – Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, sour mix, strawberry puree and Hoegaarden served over ice in a Hoegaarden glass

So if you are looking for a break from the heat, we do encourage you to stop by Fado and try one of these refreshing new drinks. Or, for the brave of heart, try the famed Pickleback. Then go online and have Angie ship you a case of her Phickle creations for your next party and your own Phickle Picklebacks!